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Restaurants & Bars

The classic restaurant of “Kamengrad” HOTEL & SPA has a capacity of 100 seats and offers a wide selection of Bulgarian and European cuisine.
Lobby bar
Lobby bar of complex “Kamengrad”, situated in the hotel’s lobby, is an appropriate place to drink your morning coffee or to spend the evening with your favorite drink.
Pool Bar
The combination of refreshing cocktail and a nice company just next to the swimming pool creates a deep feeling of relaxation and a sense of bliss.
Night Club
The club's interior is designed with taste and style, aiming to impress it's clients with feeling of comfort and esthetics.

In the Restaurant & Bars of Kamengrad HOTEL & SPA you will find the perfect combination of comfortable ambiance, professional service and rich menu.

The restaurant and bars of the complex offer excellent atmosphere for various types of events – holding of business meetings in the restaurant, starting the day with cup of coffee or just a leisure moment of relaxation with a cocktail at the pool bar. And for the lovers of night life - the hotel has a newly opened night club "Diamond".