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The town is 90 km east of Sofia, 80 km northwest of Plovdiv and only 35 km distant from the Temple of Thracian cult in Starosel village.

Town of Panagyurishte is located in central part of Bulgaria, quite near to the main transport networks of the country. 

The unique cultural heritages combined with the natural resources of the region contribute to the attractiveness of the town. In Panagyurishte guests of SPA hotel Kamengrad can find comfort and tranquility in a traditional Bulgarian atmosphere.

During the Renaissance the region marks a significant economic and social growth, making the town center of the legendary April Uprising in 1876 and even was declared as Bulgarian capital for ten days. In Panagyurishte was sent famous “blood letter” from Kableshkov and on April 22 in the city was solemnly consecrated the flag of Rayna Knyaginya.

In the middle of twentieth century in the town was discovered the world-famous Panagyurishte gold treasure – a masterpiece of Thracian art. The treasure is a unique gold service with rich ornaments and decoration and belonged to unknown ruler of of the tribe Odrysaeans from the end of the IV and the beginning of III century BC. Vessels are 9 in number with a total weight of above 6 kg - a phial and eight rhytons made of pure gold. Most attractive is large amphora which is a popular motive in Bulgarian presentation all over the world. It’s handles are presented as fighting each other centaurs, figure of Hercules as a child and several scenes from mythology.

Considering the geographical and natural characteristics of Panagyurishte, we could find an extreme diverse. Located on the southern slopes of the Sredna forest with valleys and mountainous terrain, the town is characterized by unique flora and fauna, mineral springs and climate typical of the region. Panagyurska Luda Yana river flows through the town and after Popintsi village is joined with Strelchanska Luda Yana and forms Luda Yana river.