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Relax zone

The Relax zone is in a full accordance with the concept of offering a high-quality and diverse services for complete recreation and recovery.

The services of this zone are free for guests of the hotel. All the other clients can use them by Day SPA Packages.

» Swimming pools and thermal zone
Indoor and outdoor pool with mineral water
Pool sector includes year-round heated indoor swimming pool with mineral water as well as outdoor pool for summer season. The indoor pool is with semi-Olympic size /25m length; 12 m width; 1.30-1.70 m depth/ and is designed for professional aquatic events and competitions. Parts of it are children’s pool and hydro sector. In addition the pool is equipped with turn indicators, indicator of a false start, underwater sound system and underwater LED lighting system. The outdoor pool is with diameter of 6m and is surrounded by a spacious beach for sunbathing. Shower cap must be worn for using the indoor swimming pool.
Finnish sauna
For Finnish sauna is not a luxury but a necessity – as a place for relax with family or to achieve physical and mental relaxation. Designed from imported Finnish wood and materials comply with all requirements, the space is heated to a pleasant high temperatures and on the heaters are placed special volcanic stones. The stones are sprinkled with water from designated bucket to provide moist heat. The interior is from soft African wood which can’t be heated by the high temperatures in the room and provides gentle touch with skin. The sauna improves tonus and vitality of the body and activates the release of toxins. The room is further equipped with hourglass termohidrometar and panic button.
Infrared sauna
Created using new technology based on the beneficial influence of the infrared rays on human body. The idea is that the own rays of the human body are exactly in the range of infrared rays used in this type of sauna. In contrast to Finnish sauna, which runs on a hot moist air, 20% of the rays used in the infrared sauna are intended to heat the ambient air and the remaining 80% are converted into body warm, so that breathing and heart not to be hampered. Infrared sauna stimulates healthy perspiration of the body where the organism is free from harmful poisons and toxins and the accumulated cholesterol is discarded.
Herbal bio-sauna
Herbal bio-sauna is the first innovative project of this type in Bulgaria. The maximal temperature thereof is between 50 and 60 degrees, the humidity - 55%. Lower temperatures warm the body more slowly and provide a pleasant environment for the skin, which does not further strain the cardiovascular system. Streams of water that are poured from the bucket fall in tray filled with various herbs, combined with heat and humidity have inhaled effect and are useful in a natural way. Herbal bio-sauna is a great transition to massage treatments, because besides that predisposes the skin to intake massage oils, supports the ability of the client to relax emotionally and physically. Wonderful alternative for people who prefer lower temperatures. Could be a good transition to a Finnish sauna.
Steam bath
Heat closed room with a nice steam and gentle temperature by which is created a high humidity in the air. The temperature in steam bath is lower and the humidity is higher. Achieved temperatures vary between 40 and 50 degrees and the humidity is kept about 100%. Conductive to the regeneration and health of skin and hair, enhances the effect of weight loss. Existing environment draws the toxins and removes tension. It is believed that in cases of minor muscles traumas it has a healing effect.
Thermal procedure on the type of dry sauna supporting the detoxification of the body. Laconium is room, the warmth that comes from heated ceramic benches and walls. The combination of steam and aromas helps to the healing effect of therapy. The temperature in the cabin is from 55 to 65 degrees with air humidity up to 30%. Evenly heating of the body in laconium removes muscular and nervous tension activating the blood and lymph circulation. It has a beneficial effect on heart, intense sweating, accelerates the discharge of toxins and slag from the body and enhances metabolism. Temperature conditions in laconium allow making procedures of infusion, thermotherapy and aromatherapy – for prophylaxis and treatment of cellulites and overweight, some skin and respiratory diseases. Staying in laconium has a beneficial influence on cardiovascular, immune and nervous system and effectively restores the body.
Bath with built-in jets providing warm and relaxing massage effect on muscles and joints. By spinning water jets, mini and air nozzles to achieve optimal balance between air and water and the control panel allows individual control to the need of guests. Warm water improves blood circulation has a soothing effect to nervous system.
Kneipp path
Surface through which are stimulated the active points of feet. The zone represents a path with variable temperatures consistent with biological perceptions of hot and cold so that the combination between them to have a beneficial impact. The aim is to activate the strengthening of the immune system, blood circulation and well irrigation.
Relax room
Furnished with comfortable lounges and tables and decorated with Venetian plaster with stylish pearl luster relaxation area is favorite place for recreation between SPA treatments, after exercise at fitness or just a place for leisure.
Adventure showers Niagara Rain
Showers, offering different variations of programs that are controlling side and ceiling jets, changing the color and temperature of water that is supplied to the body. The various programs launch warm rain /accompanied by warm red or yellow light/ alternating with cold water like mist /together with white or blue light/ by each of the jets located in the room.
Contrast showers
Showers, alternating hot and cold streams of water. It is believed that their use is a method of detoxification, improve blood circulation and immune system and supports body to release the stress. They could be used as a way for recovery after trainings and sport activities because they reduce the muscle fatigue. Under the influence of warm water travels from the internal organs to the skin and through the follow steam of cold water the blood is returning to the organs and thereby establishing the complete blood circulation.
Ice fountain with bowl for ice
Innovative method in the field of SPA treatments – combined with the thermal procedures improves blood circulation, strengthens the immune and lymph systems. The unique refreshing therapy has tightening effect on the skin and relieve the stress.