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Sport center

“Kamengrad” HOTEL & SPA offers for use contemporary sports facilities – modern fitness center and a great multifunctional sports field.

Fitness center – The fitness center of complex “Kamengrad” is fully equipped with new modern and professional fitness facilities, allowing individual control of the loading level to the requirements and capabilities of the guests.  The appliances in the gym are suitable for complete workout for both men and women, and the interior and the natural lighting imply comfort and relaxation during the training activities.

Sports field of hotel has a modern design and surface of highest level which ensure perfect conditions for sports games and events. The field is fully equipped for holding games of tennis, volleyball, basketball and also is provided with lighting system which allows playing games during the evening hours.

Surface used for the sports field is from the type DecoTurf. DecoTurf  is the highest quality surface for tennis courts used in the world. The most prestigious world tournaments on hard court are playing for decades on DecoTurf by special requirements of the organizers and coaches. Surface layers include acrylic coating, rubber and silica sand laid on asphalt base, which combination ensures the finest playing characteristics of one court. The multilayered soothing system allows maximum security for players and exceptional resistance of the surface. All material resources used for construction of the surface  have undergone detailed research and monitoring to achieve optimal speed and comfort during the game. Since 1978 the surface is used for each tournament US Open. The Olympic Games 2004 in Athens and in Beijing in 2008 also took place on it.

Rent sports field for tennis game1 hour12.50 BGN
Rent sports field for voleyball, basketball game1 hour40 BGN
Sports field lighting for one hour1 hour15 BGN
Supplement for rent of tennis set /rackets and balls/1 hour10 BGN