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The Mineral Water

The mineral water of Panagyurishte is characterized as hyperthermal, mineralized and stable physical/chemical characteristics.

Curative and prophylaxis qualities of this water is determined by the presence of sulphate, calcium and fluoride ions.

The swimming pools and the spa centre of Kamengrad Hotel & SPA use mineral water from Panagyurishte №9XG thermal spring, which has a temperature of 41oC.

The temperature of 41oC favoring the use of 100% mineral water for procedures without the need to be diluted with cold water, which retains the therapeutic properties of the water.

Mineral composition of the water:

Electrical conductivity

724 μS/cm




51.1 mg/l


542.676 mg/l

Carbon dioxide

0.00 mg/l

Hydrogen sulphide

0.07 mg/l




When used for drinking and prophylaxis the water has salutary effect in treating the following diseases: nephro-urological diseases, cholangio-hepatical diseases, gastro-duodenalis diseases, endocrinological diseases such as gout and diabetes, chronic professional intoxications, used also to treat people exposed to toxic substances. The water is used for prevention of caries and other diseases as well.

Mineral water is extremely useful for sports and recreation activities. 



Dear guests,

We would like to inform you that in the period 26 August - 30 August the indoor swimming pool will be closed for maintenance. Within these days you could use our outdoor pool.

Thank you for your understanding!